The Call of the Disciples (Luke 5:1-11)

When Jesus was by Lake Gennesaret, he got into Simon Peter's boat, sailed a little way from the shore, and taught a crowd of people from there. When he had finished, he told Simon Peter to sail into deeper water and to let down the nets. Simon Peter replied that he had worked hard all night and had caught nothing, but that he would do as Jesus asked. So many fish were caught that the nets were about to break. The catch was loaded into two boats - both of which began to sink under the weight. Simon Peter saw what had happened, fell at Jesus' feet, and confessed that he was a sinner, asking Jesus to depart. But Jesus called Simon Peter to follow him, along with his co-workers James and John (sons of Zebedee). So when they had brought their boats to shore, they left everything and followed Jesus. He said that from then on, they would "fish for people".


  • Teaching - Jesus' ministry involved teaching the people. In this particular instance, there were so many people on the shore who wanted to hear Jesus that he got into a boat and taught them from there.
  • Miracle - Simon Peter (later called Peter) earned his money as a fisherman - he had been fishing all night, and caught nothing. When Jesus told him to cast his nets, he caught so many fish that the nets tore, and the weight of them almost sank two boats!
  • Proof - this miracle convinced Simon Peter, James and John of Jesus' greatness, and they left everything behind in order to follow him.

Contemporary Issues

  • Change of lifestyle in order to follow what one truly believes to be right.



Why were Simon Peter and his companions reluctant to let down their nets?

Why did Simon Peter fall at Jesus' feet and confess that was a sinner?

What is the significance of Simon Peter and his companions leaving everything behind in order to follow Jesus?

Should people in the twenty first century be prepared to make sacrifices in order to follow their beliefs? Explain your answer.