Please use the menu on the left in order to select the text you want to cover. You might also like to read through some of my scholarship revision notes as these give a broad outline of many of the ethical issues that may crop up in a part d question, as well as some of the topics that might appear in the Contemporary Issues section of the Common Entrance exam.

Please be aware that, in some instances, I have grouped texts together slightly differently from the way in which they are laid out in the ISEB syllabus. I reproduce the syllabus below (the title of each text is a hyperlink that will take you to the relevant notes on this site):

New Testament Group 1: Jesus' Teaching

The Paralysed Man
The Calming of the Storm

The Rich Young Man
The Woman and Simon the Pharisee

The Good Samaritan
The Lost Son

The Sower

New Testament Group 2: Jesus' Life, Death and Resurrection

The Birth of Jesus
The Temptations

The Call of the Disciples
Peter's Declaration

The Transfiguration
The Sentence, Crucifixion and Burial

The Resurrection