If you have not submitted coursework, you will need to do section 3 of the Common Entrance exam. I recommend starting with this section, because you earn marks more quickly in Section 3 than in Sections 1 and 2 (you start each section on a new sheet of paper anyway). This means that if you run out of time at the end, you stand to lose more marks if you leave Section 3 questions unanswered, as compared to leaving other questions unfinished.

Aim to spend 5 minutes per question on Section 3. Watch the clock and plan to move on when you are 15 minutes into the exam.

Section 3 is divided into several parts. Part A covers Contemporary Issues; parts B-G cover World Religions. Each part contains five optional questions. Each question is worth six marks. You need to answer ANY THREE QUESTIONS from the whole of section 3. They can all be from the same part if you want; they can be chosen from two or three parts if you prefer. 

You should try to write five or six lines explaining each answer, giving as much factual detail as possible (aim for 8 -10 different points). Think in bullet points; write in sentences!