Part (b) [6 marks] requires you to re-tell the story in as much detail as possible, and usually starts with the word "Describe" (5-6 lines minimum if you can, as thorough as possible with no mistakes).

Whichever question you pick, please copy and paste it into the top of the writing box before you start your answer.


Old Testament

The Creation Accounts
*   Describe how God made humans in the TWO creation accounts.
*   What instructions were given to man in the first creation account?


The Garden of Eden and The Fall
*   How did the serpent tempt the woman?
*   What happened after Adam and Eve ate the fruit (do not write out the punishments)?


Cain and Abel
*   How and why did Cain become angry, and what sin did he commit as a result?
*   Describe how God punished Cain, and the conversation which followed.


The Near Sacrifice of Isaac
*   Re-tell the events which led to a ram being sacrificed instead of Isaac.

*   What promises were given to Abraham on the mountain?


The Ten Commandments
*   What are the first four commandments?
*   Outline the commandments which focus on human society.


David and Bathsheba
*   What was David's plan to have Uriah killed?
*   What did the rich man do in Nathan's parable, and how did David react?


Solomon's Wisdom
*   Re-tell the dream which Solomon had.
*   Describe the argument which resulted in Solomon making a wise decision.


Elijah Stories
*   Why didn't Obadiah want to tell King Ahab that he had seen Elijah?
*   What happened straight after the Lord had proved that he was God, on Mount Carmel?


New Testament

The Temptations of Jesus
*   Re-tell the third temptation, and Jesus' response to it.
*   Describe the second temptation, and Jesus' response.


Jesus and the Outcasts
*   After Jesus' first words to Zacchaeus, what happened then?
*   Re-tell the parable which Jesus told to Simon the Pharisee, to help explain his misunderstanding.


On Being a Follower of Jesus
*   What happened when Jesus was with the fishermen on the lake?
*   How did Jesus reply to the rich young man, when he said that he already obeyed all the commandments?


Miracles of Healing
*   When Jesus healed the crippled woman, how did the official react, and how did Jesus then respond?
*   What happened when the paralysed man reached the floor of the house?


Who was Jesus?
*   After the disciples had told Jesus who they thought he was, what did Jesus say to them?
*   What did the disciples see at the transfiguration?


*   What was Jesus' explanation of the parable of the sower?
*   Outline the parable of the Good Samaritan.


The Sentence, Crucifixion and Burial
*   What happened to Jesus after he had left Pilate, and before he was nailed to the cross?
*   On the day Jesus died, what happened at noon, and up to the time of his death?


The Resurrection
*   What happened when Mary and the disciples returned to the tomb?
*   When Mary realised the true identity of Jesus, re-tell the conversation which they had and Jesus' instructions to her.