I have written a brief set of notes to accompany this section of the paper; please contact me if you would like a copy.  However, the questions in the exam are likely to ask for specific details on topics drawn from a somewhat broad syllabus, so preparing thoroughly for this section is not entirely straightforward!  As with the World Religions section, you should try to write five or six lines for each answer, giving as much factual detail as possible (aim for 8 - 10 different points).

Remember, the Contemporary Issues section is optional - you can answer your three "Section 3" questions from one or more of the World Religions if you prefer...

In order to help you to prepare for this section of the exam, I reproduce below an extract from the syllabus.  I have also put together some sample questions, in the hope that these might prove to be of use.  As always, please contact me if I can help any further.


The Syllabus


Themes that might feature in the exam



Science and Religion

Big Bang, creationism, evolution, God and science

Stewardship and
The Environment

Environmental crisis, conservation, treatment of animals, the work of A Rocha

Law, Rules and
Human Rights

Human rights, Martin Luther King, children's rights, law and rules, Ten Commandments, rules and morals, rights and punishment, aims and purpose of punishment, prison, death penalty

Leadership and Wisdom

Conscience, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, King Solomon, leadership and authority, abuse of power

Social Justice and Treatment of the Poor

Social Justice, Oscar Romero, Fair Trade, wealth and teaching on the poor, treatment of the poor, Mother Teresa, Jackie Pullinger

Prejudice and Discrimination

Meaning of prejudice and discrimination, racism and multi-racial societies, today's outcasts, Christian teaching and example: Trevor Huddleston, Meg Guillbaud

Attitudes to Death

Life after death; sanctity of life arguments, quality of life arguments, euthanasia and ending life, Cicely Saunders and hospice movement, war and pacifism


Contemporary Issues Questions

What is meant by the term creationism

Outline one scientific view on how the world began

Describe the work done by one environmental charity

Outline how Martin Luther King tried to combat racism

Describe the reasons why some people are in favour of the death penalty

Explain how Dietrich Bonhoeffer showed Christian leadership

Outline why some people buy Fairtrade products

Describe the work done by Jackie Pullinger

Describe the work done by Mother Teresa

Outline how and why people help outcasts in twenty-first century U.K.

Describe the work of Cicely Saunders

Outline what Christians believe about life after death