Click here to download notes covering Christianity and Judaism for Section 3 of the Common Entrance paper.

N.B.  Section 3 of the exam will also include questions on Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism.  Notes on these religions are not available on this site - many apologies.

Remember, you will have to answer any three questions from Section 3.  Each is worth six marks.  You should try to write five or six lines explaining each answer, giving as much factual detail as possible (aim for 8 - 10 different points).  Think in bullet points; write in sentences!

Although the revision notes above should give you enough factual information to be able to tackle the questions in the exam, you may need to interpret what you know.  Think before you start writing, and make sure that you really answer the question.

Revision Questions



Describe the major events in the life of Jesus

Explain why Jesus is called Christ and Son of God

Describe and explain the symbols used at a baptism ceremony

Describe and explain three different types of Christian prayer

Outline some of the different Christian denominations, and also some of the different titles given to Christian leaders

Describe the main features of a Christian wedding ceremony

Describe and explain the importance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday for Christians

Describe one important place of Christian pilgrimage and explain its significance



Describe how Judaism began

Describe the role of a typical rabbi in his (or her) synagogue

What are the Torah and the Talmud, and what do Jews believe about them?

Describe the main features of a typical synagogue

What do Jews believe about the Messiah?

Explain the use of the mezuzah in the Jewish family home

Describe a Jewish wedding ceremony

What happens when girls and boys become Bat and Bar Mitzvah?